[Paradiseo-help] About MoveIncrEval in Hill Climbing

Ronan Trépos Ronan.Trepos at toulouse.inra.fr
Mer 10 Fév 20:37:15 CET 2010

Dear Paradiseo community,

I'm just starting with Paradiseo and I need to implement an Hill Climbing.
I was looking at the tutorial on hill cimbing implementation for QA Problem.

But I can't use an incremental evaluation and need to evaluate each 
I did not see a hill climbing constructor without the incremental 
How can i do please ? I did not see specific documentation for this, 
pehraps I did not find it,
in that case please tell me where it is.

Otherwise, paradiseo seems very good to me.

In avance thank you
Ronan Trépos

Trépos Ronan
INRA unité BIA Toulouse
tel : 05 61 28 53 34

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