[Paradiseo-help] Suggestions for Modification?

Arnaud Liefooghe arnaud.liefooghe at univ-lille1.fr
Lun 4 Oct 09:33:31 CEST 2010

Dear Paul,

The easiest way to normalize your solutions before evaluation is to perform
this after your variation operators. What I could suggest is to create a
function "normalize" in your EOT and to call it right after your own classes
for crossover and/or mutation (this also depends on your crossover and
mutation rates).

Best regards,
The ParadisEO team

>      Immediately before evaluation in Paradiseo-EO, I need to insert a
> step that modifies (normalizes) each chromosome. I could just add the
> normalization step to the front of the evaluation step, but this
> approach is thwarted by the chromosomes being inputted as "const" to the
> evaluator in the existing code.
>      The reason that I need to modify the chromosomes after crossover
> and mutation but before evaluation is that a function of the gene values
> is a probability density, and the total probability must sum (integrate)
> to 1.0. Without satisfying this condition, the results of the fitness
> calculations are meaningless.
>      Thanks for any suggestions for a clean approach to inserting this
> functionality.
>          Paul
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