[Paradiseo-help] Questions about ParadisEO installation

Pedro Guerreiro pmguerre at ualg.pt
Sam 20 Nov 19:57:20 CET 2010

I'm starting testing ParadisEO using Ubuntu 10.10
(64bits), and, although I'm pretty confortable around Linux, I'm pretty
confused with installing ParadisEO, so any help you guys can give, it will
be much appreciated.

In the beginning I couldn't manage to install the PEO module, but that part
if fixed (I've send a patch to paradiseo-bugs at lists.gforge.inria.fr).

Now I just don't understand where and how is ParadisEO installed... Why
isn't it installed the "usual way" in Linux, meaning, *.h files go to an
include dir (usually /usr/include or /usr/local/include), the libraries go
to a lib dir (usually /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib), documents to
/usr/share/doc (or similar), etc... This way all the headers, libraries, etc
would be automatically detected...

Then there is the "problem" with the docs... They are not installed
correctly with the installParadiseo.sh script, I need to manually do a make
in the build/doc dir... Why???
And following the Tutorials is a nightmare, because some files are not build
correctly, others have no link, and then the source and the executable of
the tutorials are is different places: the sources are in tutorials/LessonN
and the executables are in build/tutorials/LessonN... This would not be a
problem, except that when a follow the Lessons, it says to change some files
and build again... Well, if I change the files in tutorials/LessonN, I can't
build because there is no makefile. It only workd if I copy the sources to
build/tutorials/LessonN and do the changes there...

Another thing, regarding the site, if I go to
http://paradiseo.gforge.inria.fr/index.php?n=Doc.Tutorials and try to go to
the EO Tutorials, the links are broken...

Finally, EO has launched a new version (1.1.0-beta1). Are you planning to
include this on ParadisEO? Can I just "copy" the files of EO to paradise-eo

Pedro Guerreiro
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