[Paradiseo-help] Help! I need to build this thing.

Allen Grimm grimm at pdx.edu
Dim 6 Fév 01:15:09 CET 2011

Hello Paradiseo,

     I am Allen Grimm - a graduate student at Portland State  
University.  I am working on a project (my soon-to-be thesis) that  
heavily relies on modeling and optimizing Networks on Chip (NoC).   
About six months ago, Paradiseo-EO became the medium for the  
optimization part of my simulator.  It worked quite well and, thanks  
largely to the "paradiseo-eo/tutorial/Templates/createEOproject.sh"  
script, was fairly easy to implement.  At that time, I was only  
working with one or two objectives (either just performance of the NoC  
or cost and performance), so paradiseo-EO made the most sense.  Now  
the number of objectives is increasing to between three and five, and  
it's time to convert over to paradiseo-MOEO.  The problem is, I'm  
really bad at working with cmake or makefiles (My environemnt is  
Ubuntu 10).  Writing the functions themselves or even piecing them  
together into a full algorithm wouldn't be a problem if I knew how to  
build the files properly.
     Currently, I have downloaded and installed Paradiseo-1.3-beta2.   
As per paradiseo-moeo/README's instruction, I compiled paradiseo-moeo  
into another directory (my project's directory).  I now have the other  
directory with a makefile and suporting cmake stuff that seems to have  
proper access to the paradiseo-moeo library.  Now comes the task of  
somehow including my own EA into that "make" process.  As an initial  
test, I am trying to simply build a copy of the FlowShopEA.cpp from  
within my project's directory.  So, my noob question in short is: how  
do I go about building the FlowShopEA.cpp when that file is not within  
the paradiseo-moeo directory.


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