[Paradiseo-help] Question(install Paradiseo-PEO-1.3-beta)

Teruhiko Ikeda tikeda at riken.jp
Mer 15 Juin 06:53:02 CEST 2011

Dear Sir,

I tried to install Paradiseo-PEO-1.3-beta on Red Hat Enterprise 
5.3(x86_64) PC cluster, but failed. I found out that copy processing 
about "Paradiseo-PEO" was not described in "installParadiseo.sh". So, 
I appended copy processing to "installParadiseo.sh" as follows:

$ diff -u installParadiseo.sh.org /tmp/installParadiseo.sh
--- installParadiseo.sh.org     2011-06-15 12:27:16.434589800 +0900
+++ /tmp/installParadiseo.sh    2011-06-15 13:32:58.000000000 +0900
@@ -942,6 +942,11 @@
                ######## installing paradiseo-peo ##########
                echo -e  "      \033[40m\033[1;34m# STEP $currentStepCounter \033[0m "
                echo '          --> Installing Paradiseo-PEO. Please wait ...'
+                if [ ! "$installKitPath" = "$resourceKitPath" ]; then
+                    cp  -Rf $resourceKitPath/paradiseo-peo/ $installKitPath/
+                    rm -Rf $installKitPath/paradiseo-peo/build/*
+                fi
                execute_cmd "source $HOME/.bashrc" "[$currentStepCounter-5] Export variables" $SPY
                execute_cmd "cd $installKitPath/paradiseo-peo/build" "[$currentStepCounter-1] Go in Paradiseo-PEO dir"  $SPY

However, the following error happened while running installParadiseo.sh:
(I found this error in LastBuild_YYYYMMDD-????.log on 

==== start ====
[ 84%] Building CXX object test/CMakeFiles/t-MultiStart.dir/t-MultiStart.cpp.o
In file included from /home/r21284/local/paradiseo-peo/src/peo:40,
                 from /home/r21284/local/paradiseo-peo/test/t-MultiStart.cpp:40:
/home/r21284/local/paradiseo-peo/src/peo.h:41:17: error: oldmo: No such file or directory
Linking CXX executable t-MultiStart
g++: CMakeFiles/t-MultiStart.dir/t-MultiStart.cpp.o: No such file or directory
==== end ====

Could you please tell me how to solve this problem ?

I have a another question.
My cluster is connected with InfiniBand, so we would like to use InfiniBand RDMA.
However, MPICH2 does not support InfiniBand RDMA. Can I use Open MPI instead 
of MPICH2 ?

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely Yours,
Teruhiko Ikeda

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