[Paradiseo-help] Error compiling paradiseo

Manuel López-Ibáñez manuel.lopez-ibanez at ulb.ac.be
Ven 2 Déc 19:33:47 CET 2011


I am trying to compile Paradiseo in Ubuntu Linux from the svn.

However, it fails for some strange reason.

I executed:

bash installParadiseo.sh --prefix=/home/manu/personal/Paradiseo/install --skipdart

and answered:

1 : Unix Makefiles (standard Makefiles)
3 : Full install (all the components : EO,MO,MOEO and PEO)
###  A version of the MPI compiler has been detected on your system. Do you 
want to use it (if no, the mpich2 package, provided with ParadisEO, will be 
installed on your computer) [y/n] y

The log is attached.

Thanks in advance,


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