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Yan Li liy26 at vcu.edu
Mer 19 Sep 05:09:45 CEST 2012

Dear Madam/Sir:

We are in the process of writing a book chapter about the state of multiple
criteria decision support software. This chapter will be an update from the
previously published book chapter “Multiple Criteria Decision Support
Software” by Weistroffer et al. in the 2005 book “Multiple Criteria
Decision Analysis: State of the Art Surveys” edited by Figueira et al. and
published by Springer.

We are including your software in our review. Because our book chapter is
structured around several decision considerations when searching for
appropriate available software, we would like to include the following
information in the review:

(1) What size decision problems can the software support (e.g., how many
alternatives and/or how many decision criteria)?

(2) What kind of decision support methods or algorithms have been
implemented or are supported by the software?

(3) What are the hardware/software requirements to run the software?

We very much appreciate your responses to our questions. This information
will help make the book chapter more useful to the readers and potential
users of your software.


Yan Li


Room B3132
Snead Hall
School of Business
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