[Paradiseo-help] Trying to get paradiseo to work

Andre Jellema andre_jellema at yahoo.com
Mar 23 Oct 19:33:50 CEST 2012

dear paradiseo team 

I am trying to get the TSP example of Paradiseo to work but Im not succesfull. 

1 Installed Paradiseo via de deb repository on 64 bit linux machine.
2 Downloaded the TSP.ZIP and unpacked it in the download directory 
3 Indicated my paradiseo directory: SET(PARADISEO_DIR "usr/local/include/paradiseo" CACHE PATH "ParadisEO directory" FORCE)

4 opened een terminal cd Downloads/TSP/build
5 cmake .. -G MinGW Makefiles


CMake Error: Could not create named generator MinGW Makefiles

Using quotes around "MinGW Makefiles" or MinGW or "MinGW" doesn't work either.

- mingw-w64-dev(1.0+20110523-1build2, automatic) 
- binutils-mingw-w64 (,automatic)
- gcc-mingw-w64(4.6.1-7ubuntu2)

are installed.

Can you give me a hint?

André Jellema

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