[Paradiseo-help] Paradiseo Build with VC++2010

K-Honda k-honda at its-net.jp
Mer 5 Déc 05:45:05 CET 2012


I'm new to the Paradise-eo and have some issues with
building "tutorial lesson1" on VC++2010.

I encountered following linking erors
LNK2010 *unresolved* external symbol class eoRng eo::rng
LNK2010 *unresolved* external symbol static int const eoRng::N
LNK2010 *unresolved* external symbol static unsigned long const eoRng::K
LNK2010 *unresolved* external symbol static int const eoRng::M
LNK2010 *unresolved* external symbol class eoLogger eo::log

It appears that I need to link some .lib files but those ones in the lib
are .a extension. How can I resolve this issue?

As I'm a heavy VC++ user I'd  like to avoid using CMake which takes much of
my developing time.

Best Regardsd, KH
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