[Paradiseo-help] Paradiseo Build with VC++2010

Johann Dréo johann at dreo.fr
Mer 5 Déc 13:24:28 CET 2012

On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 5:45 AM, K-Honda <k-honda at its-net.jp> wrote:
> I'm new to the Paradise-eo and have some issues with
> building "tutorial lesson1" on VC++2010.
> I encountered following linking erors
> LNK2010 unresolved external symbol class eoRng eo::rng
> LNK2010 unresolved external symbol static int const eoRng::N
> LNK2010 unresolved external symbol static unsigned long const eoRng::K
> LNK2010 unresolved external symbol static int const eoRng::M
> LNK2010 unresolved external symbol class eoLogger eo::log
> It appears that I need to link some .lib files but those ones in the lib
> folder
> are .a extension. How can I resolve this issue?

These are "archive" files, i.e. static libraries on Unix. On windows,
these are the same as the .lib files.
I'm surprised VC builds them with such extensions. Can you explain how
you've proceeded to build?

> As I'm a heavy VC++ user I'd  like to avoid using CMake which takes much of
> my developing time.

CMake is here to prepare a VC project for you. Then, you just have to
build it with VC.
Note that you are not supposed to modify that much the CMake files themselves.

I would recommend to use CMake to create the VC project for you,
because it is aware of all the mysteries of the framework.
Technically, you can just import all the files in VC and use it to
prepare a build system from scratch, but you will need to have a deep
knowledge of how C++ apps are built and take some time to look for the
pre-compiler variables spread across the code.

There is still some VC++ compatible issues to be corrected, but I plan
to process and fix them before the end of december or at the beginning
of january.


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