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Yan Li liy26 at vcu.edu
Ven 29 Mar 22:01:24 CET 2013

Dear Madam/Sir:

We are in the process of writing a book chapter about the state of multiple
criteria decision support software. This chapter will be an update from the
previously published book chapter “Multiple Criteria Decision Support
Software” by Weistroffer et al. in the 2005 book “Multiple Criteria
Decision Analysis: State of the Art Surveys” edited by Figueira et al. and
published by Springer.

We are including your software in our review. Our book chapter is
structured around several decision considerations when searching for
appropriate available software, which are: (1) whether the software package
addresses the multiple criteria design or evaluation problems; (2) what
multiple criteria decision analysis method(s)  are implemented; (3) whether
the software supports group decision making; and (4) the platform
supported. As such, the following paragraph is our review of your software.
Please let us know if the material covered is appropriate and correct. If
there are any changes needed, please let us know.

ParadiseEO is a software framework for metaheuristics, and the MOEO
for multiobjective optimization*) module implements evolutionary
multiobjective optimization techniques (Cahon et al. 2004; Liefooghe et al.
2007). It is a white-box, object-oriented, C++, portable across both
Unix-like and Windows systems. ParadisEO is based on Evolving Objects (EO), a
template-based ANSI-C++ compliant evolutionary computation library. There
is conceptually no restriction on problem size, however, classical
Pareto-based metaheuristics usually solve problems with up to 5 objectives.
As an open source framework, ParadisEO is compatible with Windows,
Unix-like, and MacOS environments. It also supports parallel and
distributed architectures. The related source code is maintained and
regularly updated by the developers.


Yan Li


Room B3132
Snead Hall
School of Business
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