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Dear Yan Li,

Thanks for keeping us updated.
The paragraph looks perfect.

Thanks a lot,
Arnaud Liefooghe

On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 10:01 PM, Yan Li <liy26 at vcu.edu> wrote:

> Dear Madam/Sir:
> We are in the process of writing a book chapter about the state of
> multiple criteria decision support software. This chapter will be an update
> from the previously published book chapter “Multiple Criteria Decision
> Support Software” by Weistroffer et al. in the 2005 book “Multiple Criteria
> Decision Analysis: State of the Art Surveys” edited by Figueira et al. and
> published by Springer.
> We are including your software in our review. Our book chapter is
> structured around several decision considerations when searching for
> appropriate available software, which are: (1) whether the software package
> addresses the multiple criteria design or evaluation problems; (2) what
> multiple criteria decision analysis method(s)  are implemented; (3)
> whether the software supports group decision making; and (4) the platform
> supported. As such, the following paragraph is our review of your software.
> Please let us know if the material covered is appropriate and correct. If
> there are any changes needed, please let us know.
> ParadiseEO is a software framework for metaheuristics, and the MOEO (*metaheuristics
> for multiobjective optimization*) module implements evolutionary
> multiobjective optimization techniques (Cahon et al. 2004; Liefooghe et
> al. 2007). It is a white-box, object-oriented, C++, portable across both
> Unix-like and Windows systems. ParadisEO is based on Evolving Objects (EO), a
> template-based ANSI-C++ compliant evolutionary computation library. There
> is conceptually no restriction on problem size, however, classical
> Pareto-based metaheuristics usually solve problems with up to 5 objectives.
> As an open source framework, ParadisEO is compatible with Windows,
> Unix-like, and MacOS environments. It also supports parallel and
> distributed architectures. The related source code is maintained and
> regularly updated by the developers.
> Thanks.
> Yan Li
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