[Paradiseo-help] [Paradiseo-users] Correct use of moeoObjectiveVectorTraits

Arnaud Liefooghe arnaud.liefooghe at univ-lille1.fr
Mer 24 Avr 11:03:05 CEST 2013

Hello Christoph,

> 1) moeoObjectiveVectorTraits has a private static unsigned int nObj
> property. Where and when is that set, and what information is that
> setting based on?

This can be set by the user in the main function.
For instance, if you have 5 objectives to be maximized:
  std::vector<bool> objVec(5, false);
  moeoObjectiveVectorTraits::setup(5, objVec);

> 2) Can I just create my own public nObj property in a class derived from
> moeoObjectiveVectorTraits and return that in nObjectives()? Would that
> have any drawbacks or cause bugs with other parts of the framework?

No problem to do it that way; this is the second option - cf. Lesson1
in the tutorials of MOEO

> 3) Is it customary to store all available configuration data related to
> the problem in a class derived from moeoObjectiveVectorTraits?

Yes, this is used on most functions to retrieve the number of
objective functions and if each one is to be minimized or maximized.

Best regards,

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