[Paradiseo-help] [Paradiseo-users] About constrained NSGA-II

Marc Schoenauer marc.schoenauer at inria.fr
Mer 1 Mai 11:40:48 CEST 2013

Hi all,

> What is constrained in your problem? The gene values or the result
> values? If it's the gene values, you can code the constraints into
> the
> gene type (it's C++, after all: you can customize all operators and
> apply limits). 

All such classes exist in EO - I don't know whether they have been carried over to ParadisEO (and don't have time to look this up), but it would be a pity to redevelop them.
Look around class eoRealBounds http://eodev.sourceforge.net/eo/doc/html/classeo_real_bounds.html

> If the objective values must be constrained, you can
> examine the neighborhood of a newly constructed individual for
> "allowed"
> solutions.
> I'm sure others can give better advice, though.

Well, there are hundreds of possible contraint-handling methods, starting with the straightforward penalty methods - no idea about which ones are available in ParadisEO.

Hope this helps

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