[Paradiseo-help] [Paradiseo-users] Installing ParadisEO on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Alexandre QUEMY alexandre.quemy at gmail.com
Mar 21 Mai 13:44:04 CEST 2013


The problem is that your compiler, Clang, does not support OpenMP which is
a library for shared memory parallelism.
I though the dependency was correctly handle, but it seems this is not the
However, if you can use gcc instead of clang, you might overcome the
problem without doing anything. You can try to remove the include #include
<omp.h> in the file /eo/src/apply.h but I cannot assure this won't give you
more errors...

I try to reproduce your bug but clang correctly finds omp in my case (maybe
this is due to the fact that gcc is installed on my computer).

According to a recent conference, OpenMP will be supported by LLVM Clang
compiler : http://www.llvm.org/devmtg/2013-04/ (first talk)


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