[Paradiseo-help] Install ParadisEO in a different path

Eduardo Almeida Costa euduca at gmail.com
Jeu 20 Juin 15:50:54 CEST 2013


Because I am installing the software on a cluster with RHEL 5.
I can not change the the version of the package cmake because it is
prerequisite to other programs.
The solution is to install separately.
It would be very costly, reinstall all the packages, and I have no
guarantees that everything would work as before. Since there are packages of
the manufacturer (BULL) I can not remove them and reinstall later, because the
cluster is fully operational.
Reinstall packages in "closed" clusters is not so simple.

Thanks, Eduardo.

2013/6/13 Alexandre QUEMY <alexandre.quemy at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> The CMake standard way to change the prefix is to use the following
> command :
> cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/yourPathFromRoot
> This would install paradiseo like that :
> /yourPathFromRoot/include/paradiseo/{eo,moeo,...}
> /yourPathFromRoot/lib/{eo, eoutils,...}
> In addition, you can change the paradiseo folder using this :
> cmake -DINSTALL_SUB_DIR=/yourOwnFolder
> Please, notice the slash before yourOwnFolder.
> Would it be possible to know why you want to change the default
> installation folder (in order to make this easier for a next release for
> instance) ?
> Regards,
> Alexandre
> 2013/6/13 Eduardo Almeida Costa <euduca at gmail.com>
>> Hi.
>> How to install paradiseo in a different path?
>> Such as "/usr/local/paradiseo".
>> Using a "configure" normal, I just set up the parameter  --prefix. I did
>> not find something like that, since the installation uses cmake.
>> Thanks, Eduardo.
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