[Paradiseo-help] eoPopLoopEval and eoPopEvalFunc class

froehly froehly at ljll.math.upmc.fr
Mer 20 Aou 21:50:56 CEST 2014


I am new to ParadisEO Library and to OOP.

I can call the SPEA2 algorithm using the following line:

   moeoSPEA2<MySolution> algo(*_checkpoint, *_eval, *_op, 

But when I try to call the same algorithm with a eoPopEvalFunc:

   eoEvalFunc    <MySolution> & myEval(*_eval);
   eoPopLoopEval <MySolution>   loopEval(myEval);
   eoPopEvalFunc <MySolution> & popEval(loopEval);

   moeoSPEA2<MySolution> algo(*_checkpoint, popEval, *_op, 

my program segfault at line 200 of moeoSPEA2.h : popEval (empty_pop, 
_pop);// a first eval of _pop

I don't understand the problem.

Thanks for your time and help



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