[Paradiseo-help] Question about installing PEO extension

A. Bruenner andrew.bruenner at gmail.com
Jeu 2 Oct 23:39:27 CEST 2014

Dear ParadisEO team,

I wanted to try out and experiment with ParadisEO-PEO, but ran into an
error during the last step of the installation process.

I am currently running on Ubuntu 14.04.
I made sure that libxml and MPICH2 are installed on the machine.

ParadisEO itself is so far up and running and I could verify the
installation success by running the ctest command (with 198 of 198 tests
Unfortunately after adding the PEO extension to a clean new build I
encountered the following error:

[ 85%] Built target smp
[ 85%] Built target t-smpCustomTopo
[ 86%] Built target t-smpIsland
[ 86%] Built target t-smpMI_Heterogeneous
[ 86%] Built target t-smpMI_Homogeneous
[ 86%] Built target t-smpMI_Wrapper
[ 87%] Built target t-smpMW_eoEasyEA
[ 87%] Built target t-smpMW_eoEasyPSO
[ 87%] Built target t-smpMW_eoSyncEasyPSO
[ 87%] Built target t-smpScheduler
[ 88%] Built target t-smpSharedFitContinue
[ 88%] Built target t-smpTopo
[ 88%] Built target lesson1_eoEasyEA
[ 88%] Built target lesson2_homogeneous
[ 89%] Built target lesson3_heterogeneous
[ 89%] Built target lesson4_topology
[ 93%] Built target peo
[ 97%] Built target rmc_mpi
Linking CXX executable t-EAAsyncIsland
../../lib/librmc_mpi.a(xml_parser.cpp.o): In function `openXMLDocument(char
undefined reference to `xmlNewTextReaderFilename'
../../lib/librmc_mpi.a(xml_parser.cpp.o): In function `closeXMLDocument()':
undefined reference to `xmlFreeTextReader'
../../lib/librmc_mpi.a(xml_parser.cpp.o): In function
`getAttributeValue(std::string const&)':
undefined reference to `xmlTextReaderGetAttribute'
undefined reference to `xmlFree'
../../lib/librmc_mpi.a(xml_parser.cpp.o): In function `getNextNode()':
undefined reference to `xmlTextReaderRead'
undefined reference to `xmlTextReaderName'
undefined reference to `xmlTextReaderValue'
undefined reference to `xmlFree'
undefined reference to `xmlFree'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [peo/test/t-EAAsyncIsland] Error 1
make[1]: *** [peo/test/CMakeFiles/t-EAAsyncIsland.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2

Please point me into the right direction in order to resolve this issue.

With many thanks,

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