[Paradiseo-help] problem with eoTimeCounter

Alexandre QUEMY alexandre.quemy at gmail.com
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The internal time counter used by eoTimeCounter starts at the creation of
the object eoTimeCounter. There is no way to reset it and thus, you should:
1) Create a new eoTimeCounter at the restart
2) Extend the class eoTimeCounter with this functionnality (either by
adding the method and rewritting eoTimeCounter or creating a new class by

If you chose the second option, please, let us know, this could added to
the code base.


2015-02-07 16:22 GMT+01:00 Ali Nayeem <nayeem007 at gmail.com>:

> Hello
> I need to run a functor for several times. Each time the program is run
> for 20 seconds. I declared eoTimeCounter  inside the functor to count
> 20 sec.The program runs for 20 sec for the first time correctly. But then
> at the next run it should count time from 0 but it counts from 20. Here is
> my code
> https://github.com/ali-nayeem/orchestration_netbeans/blob/master/hill_climbing.h
> At line 28 I declared the eoTimeCounter
> Plz tell me how to fix this?
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