[Paradiseo-help] Implementation of binary problems in ParadisEO-MOEO

Aurora Ramírez Quesada aramirez at uco.es
Ven 29 Juil 08:47:57 CEST 2016

Dear researcher/developer:

I am Aurora Ramírez, a PhD student from the University of Córdoba 
(Spain). I am starting to use ParadisEO-MOEO and I was wondering if 
there is some example or tutorial about how to implement and solve a 
multi-objective problem using a binary encoding. I have found some code 
examples for the flowshop problem, as well as for continuous test 
functions, in the webpage, but I am not sure about how I can adapt these 
implementations to my own binary problem. Could you give some examples, 
documentation or guidelines as a starting point?

Thank you so much in advance.

Best regards,


Aurora Ramírez Quesada
PhD Student
KDIS Research Group
Dept. of Computer Science and Numerical Analysis
University of Córdoba (Spain)


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