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keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 17 15:33:44 CET 2009


in reference to my comment to Eliot, my smalltalk contribution life  
died on the day Andreas took over squeak-dev, he with the help of the  
board murdered it. And I am afraid that it might be for good. This is  
probably a good thing because it was sucking up too much time and  
effort. It is a shame that the Bob based  squeak 3.11 building process  
was actually complete, with automated testing demonstration within a  
day or so of completion. Bob is all there if you want it.

If you had loaded squeaksource/Testing and contributed to it, and if  
you had loaded MC1.5 LevelPlayingField right from the start then  
perhaps I might be contributing to pharo now.

However I do have other things to do, in my time as a full time carer  
I have discovered a cure for rape trauma, tourettes, and many other  
severe mental illnesses, so my time will be better spend continuing  
that research and documenting it. For example last year, I saw  
paranoid schizophrenia healed in a 20 minute counseling-like session.

So applying a sense of perspective to the whole thing, who cares about  
a few bytes here and there, when you really do have an opportunity to  
change the world. There may be some books out in the next 5 years or  
so. I also need to raise a couple of million pounds to fund a  
rehabilitation facility for sufferers of Multiple Personality  
Disorder, my current specialism.

so signing off



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