[Pharo-project] Undo/Redo [was: Re: Object Buffer (implementation tryout)]

Martin McClure martin at hand2mouse.com
Wed Jan 13 06:52:04 CET 2010

John M McIntosh wrote:

> PS if anyone is interested the Undo/Redo Logic that Impara did for
> Sophie was very well received, easy to use, and we could build a book
> from scratch 
> then undo the entire creation, then redo it. This sounds complex, it
> was. However the framework made it easy, one piece at a time...  
> Perhaps someone should harvest that since it *was* generic. 

Ooh, nice. A good undo/redo framework would be *so* *very* good to have.
I'm afraid I can't be the one to harvest it, not anytime soon anyhow,
but I hope someone picks it up.



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