[Pharo-project] [ANN] OPAL Digest

Stéphane Ducasse Stephane.Ducasse at inria.fr
Tue Nov 2 15:28:34 CET 2010

==================== Summary ====================

Name: OpalCompiler-Tests-MarcusDenker.51
Author: MarcusDenker
Time: 2 November 2010, 11:03:33 am
UUID: 0445e54b-f79d-4623-a2cf-91457c3d8905
Ancestors: OpalCompiler-Tests-MarcusDenker.50

-> started to go through the failing tests of OCNewcompilerWithChanges. Fixing or deleting (deleting if the bytcode is different but correct)
==================== Summary ====================

Name: OpalCompiler-Core-MarcusDenker.53
Author: MarcusDenker
Time: 2 November 2010, 11:01:56 am
UUID: a23330c2-c4f7-4983-9a4f-4cf66e207041
Ancestors: OpalCompiler-Core-jb.52

-> more changes for adding the correct pops after ifTrue
-> started to have error messages for Primitives (not really good yet)
==================== Summary ====================

Name: OpalCompiler-Core-MarcusDenker.50
Author: MarcusDenker
Time: 14 October 2010, 10:27:01 am
UUID: 8bc84ff1-ffba-42d2-9e10-8d7bdeaddf75
Ancestors: OpalCompiler-Core-MarcusDenker.49

-> scopes now can answer the incoming copied vars (copied vars coming from the outer scope)
-> using this fixes some bugs related to having far too many copying vars

==================== Summary ====================

Name: OpalCompiler-Tests-MarcusDenker.50
Author: MarcusDenker
Time: 14 October 2010, 10:28:21 am
UUID: f5262cc9-8a0e-4c6c-a0c4-1f5ceddfe9bb
Ancestors: OpalCompiler-Tests-MarcusDenker.49

- Add BytecodeDecompiler tests class that decompiled / recompiled and executes all examples. 
- started to go through OCNewCompilerWithChangesFunctionalTests
==================== Summary ====================

Name: OpalCompiler-Core-MarcusDenker.51
Author: MarcusDenker
Time: 15 October 2010, 11:10:42 am
UUID: bbdd5133-09c9-4997-aafb-9b17d3543dad
Ancestors: OpalCompiler-Core-MarcusDenker.50

- More fixes to do the correct pop for if and while in certain cases
- temoVector should be treated as a defined temp in IRBuilder

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