[Pharo-project] [update 1.2] #12219

Tudor Girba tudor.girba at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 15:39:29 CET 2010

The theme is correct, but the problem comes from the new initializeForms method from the ThemeWatery class which links the minimize and maximize icons wrongly.

	"Initialize the receiver's image forms."

	super initializeForms.
	inactiveForm := self newWindowInactiveControlForm.
	self forms
		at: #stripes put: self newStripesForm;
		at: #windowCloseOver put: self newWindowCloseOverForm;
		at: #windowMinimizeOver put: self newWindowMaximizeOverForm;   <=====
		at: #windowMaximizeOver put: self newWindowMinimizeOverForm;   <=====
		at: #windowClosePassive put: inactiveForm;
		at: #windowMinimizePassive put: inactiveForm;
		at: #windowMaximizePassive put: inactiveForm


On 2 Nov 2010, at 06:37, Fernando Olivero wrote:

> Yes, see the email i've sent to the list when i published this changes.
> Fernando
> On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 6:12 PM, Sven Van Caekenberghe <sven at beta9.be> wrote:
>> On 29 Oct 2010, at 18:14, Marcus Denker wrote:
>>> Issue 3145:   Glamourous Theme integration
>> Great!
>> However, something is wrong (unless it was intentional) with the collapse (minimize) and expand (maximize) icons in the window bar when you hover over them: both then show a box, in some strange fashion.
>> Sven


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