[Pharo-project] Smalltalk Labs Browser

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 18:57:18 CET 2010

> How do I load and start OB-Web ?

1. Download a recent Pharo image with OB loaded, e.g.

2. Evaluate the following script to load Kom and OB-Web:

  Gofer new
    squeaksource: 'KomHttpServer';
    package: 'DynamicBindings';
    package: 'KomServices';
    package: 'KomHttpServer';
  Gofer new
    renggli: 'omnibrowser';
    package: 'JSON';
    package: 'OB-Web';

3. Start the application by evaluating:

  OBKomHttpService startOn: 9090

4. Open the URL http://localhost:9090 in Safari or FireFox (make sure
not to block popups).

The code should mostly work, I recently fixed all the tests. However
keep in mind that it hasn't been used in the past 4 years and that it
does not support some "newer" OB features like the button bar and the
new completion and multiselect dialogs.


Lukas Renggli

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