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HaiColon haicolon at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 23:12:46 CET 2010

As the culprit behind SL Browser I'll add my 2 cents here :)

Nice to see some discussion about this here, although I'm still living a bit
in fear about someone actually taking a look at the code and getting a heart
attack because I turned his favorite language into an abomination ^^

Avi Bryant's Clamato is really nice. Clamato was one of the things that
convinced me to check out Smalltalk. SL Browser will have a mini view a bit
like Clamato that sits on top of the website you are developing so that you
can see changes without having to switch between windows all the time.

I don't think web based IDEs will replace Smalltalk IDEs any time soon, at
least not Squeak and Pharo. Morphic has it's drawbacks but using it in a
development environment just makes so many things possible that make your
life easier as a developer that you would miss out on in a web based IDE (at
least until the Lively Kernel gets into a usable state).

I want to turn SL Browser into a web based IDE and I want you to be able to
develop your complete website/web app from start to finish in it, but I
wouldn't myself recommend doing this. I just want the option. My use case
would be to write only parts of my website with it. I think it's rather nice
that I would be able to develop my website in Pharo, and then being able to
continue working on it wherever I am, with whatever tools I have available.
"Got an iPad? Suits me! An iPhone? Well, typing is a bit hard on there but
then I'm just going to solve this tough problem where I mainly need to think
instead of typing code anyway. I think I want to try out Haiku OS again. Oh
no, Pharo doesn't work on Haiku.. Doesn't matter, I'll just use the web
IDE." (just for completeness sake, there's actually a Squeak 3.6 or
something like that working on Haiku)

And I also have to stress the point that doing SL Browser is mainly a
learning exercise for me. I saw the WABrowser in Seaside and thought hey, it
could be fun to write something like that with a bit more features as my
first Smalltalk app to get the hang of Smalltalk (and Seaside in the
process). Before that I had only written a small tool to convert subtitle
files into a human readable text file to help me with doing the voice overs
for Pharocasts ^^ If people use SL Browser I'll be really glad that I was
able to provide something useful to the Smalltalk community, if they don't
that's fine with me too since I still achieved my goal of learning more
about Smalltalk.

I wasn't able to get OB-Web working with the instructions, nothing happens
when I click the link to open the browser, so I can't say anything about
that one, but it sure does sound interesting.

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