[Pharo-project] RoarVM - Pharo and Squeak on Multicore

Felipe Ignacio Valverde Campos felipe.valverde.campos at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 18:40:04 CET 2010

Yes, is on a x86_64-linux, Debian squeeze.
The problem was some libraries... but with a good symbolic links compile
fine, but, Pharo 1.2 doesn't works, it freezes.

Someone could it on a x86_64-linux ?

El mié, 03-11-2010 a las 18:18 +0100, Stefan Marr escribió:
> Hello Felipe:
> On 03 Nov 2010, at 17:45, Felipe Ignacio Valverde Campos wrote:
> > Hi, how can i compile this on a x86_64 environment ?
> > until now i hace some problems with lstdc++
> RoarVM does not support compilation as 64bit.
> So you will need the 32bit compatibility libraries.
> I don't remember doing something out of the ordinary but in the worst case some paths are guessed badly in src/makefiles/configure or src/makefiles/Makefile.common
> What is the exact system you are running on, some Linux is suppose?
> Best regards
> Stefan

Estudiante de Ingeniería Civil en Computación
Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación
Universidad de Chile

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