[Pharo-project] Monticello in Squeak 3.7 MVC-only Or changeset updater script?

Stefan Marr pharo at stefan-marr.de
Sun Nov 7 19:24:50 CET 2010


Does anyone know (perhaps Dale?) how likely it is to get Monticello in a MVC-only image running?

I checked the documentation at http://www.wiresong.ca/monticello/v1/docs/getting-started.html
and the update IDs seem to be ok. At least my image identifies it self with 'latest update: #5959'. (thats the image: https://github.com/downloads/smarr/RoarVM/minimal-MVC.zip)

However, neither the document, nor SqueakMap give me the feeling that I actually know how to start loading it. I found http://ftp.squeak.org/3.11-obsolete/scripts/mc15.st but well, thought I ask here first.

If that does not seem to feasible, does anyone know a ready-to-use script to build a change set from a number of Monticello packages automatically taking dependencies into account? Would be nice, if I could hook something into the package saving mechanism that spills out an updated .st file every time I safe a package.


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