[Pharo-project] About SimpleMorphic

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Mon Nov 8 15:05:18 CET 2010

Hi Folks,

WRT Layout APIs, SimpleMorphic includes the same simplified version of 
LayoutFrame as Cuis.

Cuis also includes a new approach, implemented in LayoutSpec and 
LayoutMorph. I did this for an application that requies adding new 
widgets without specifying a new layout for all of them. It is also 
nicer than LayoutFrame, and will replace it at some moment. But it is 
not used at all by SimpleMorphic or Cuis, and that's why I did not 
include it in SimpleMorphic for Pharo. But you might open Cuis and take 
a look it, and load it in Pharo if you like. Try the example class 
methods in LayoutMorph, and resize the morph to see what it can do.

Juan Vuletich

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