[Pharo-project] [ANN] DesignInfo on SqueakSource

Bernhard Pieber bernhard at pieber.com
Tue Nov 9 21:54:27 CET 2010

Dear Squeakers and Pharoers,

I did it! I registered my first mini project on SqueakSource:

A DesignInfo collects the following information and metrics about the design of a package:
lines of code
lines of production code
lines of test code
percentage of production code
percentage of test code
It can create morphs that show a bar chart of the lines of code of all Monticello packages, sorted either by package name or by lines of code. The bar chart also shows the percentage of production versus test code. Balloon help is used to show detailed information about a package.

I used it to create the lines of code bar chart for Squeak and Pharo:

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