[Pharo-project] About SimpleMorphic

Juan Vuletich juan at jvuletich.org
Wed Nov 10 13:48:47 CET 2010

Hi Fernando,

Fernando Olivero wrote:
> I just ran the examples, and just can say...NICE!!
> m := LayoutMorph example3
> m width: 400.
> m width: 600.
> row := m submorphs anyOne.
> row submorphs last delete.
> row delete.
> m delete.
> I've just added these lines to the example. You can find the minor
> changes in the attached changeset.

> AH! i've misread the submorph of LayoutMorph part.
> Still i think that LayoutMorph does not necessarily have to be a
> Morph, because it only has the responsibility of laying out a group of
> "rectangles" right? My comments were in this direction, to decouple
> LayoutMorph from Morph. I couldn't tell if Brazil's Area is a "Brazil
> visual", but i ask why not decuple it?

That would be an interesting experiment. I guess these non-morph object 
in the morph / submorphs tree will need to support many messages of the 
Morph protocol. I guess someone needs to do it and see if the results 
are good. Go for it!

> When i did my own GauchoLayouts i've implemented like this, but now i
> would like ditch them and use your classes and merge them with Morph.

You already did non-morph objects in the submorph tree? How was the 
result? Do you like it? Can we see the code?

> Fernando
> pd: i couldnt go to Smalltalks this year, so sadly i wont see you next
> talk on Morphic3.0?

Well, I'm not giving a talk this year, so at least you're not missing 
that :(

> I will continue to play with you layout morphs, and possibly adapt
> them to Pharo.
> Fernando


Juan Vuletich

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