[Pharo-project] VM Plugins that are important for performance?

Philippe Marschall kustos at gmx.net
Wed Nov 10 22:00:29 CET 2010

On 10.11.2010 14:36, Stefan Marr wrote:
> Hi all:
> From your experience, what are the important VM plugins to gain a snappy and responsive Pharo image.
> Stef mentioned the Font plugin, but will this improve the user experience or is it just nice to have to support different kinds of fonts?
> The reason for my question is the 'performance hit' I have to take with the RoarVM for the moment.
> So, if there are things typically done in plugins which now running in Smalltalk on the RoarVM, then I guess I could benefit by including those plugins.

Do you have the MiscPrimitivePlugin?


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