[Pharo-project] Finding Family-tree of images

HwaJong Oh daliot.oh at gmail.com
Thu Nov 11 01:01:31 CET 2010

I have a hibbit of saving new version of images when i feed unsecure about
something. So i end up a lot of disk space taken by them. I felt it is time
for me to clean up the redundance in my disk. I wanted to have a sense of
family tree of the images.

l := (FileStream fileNamed:'Squeak4.0-basic-pocketcube-morphic.changes')
contents lines.

s := l select: [:each| each beginsWith: '----SNAPSHOT----'].

i := OrderedCollection new.
(s collect: [:ea| ea substrings at: 7 ]) do: [:e|
	(i includes: e) ifFalse: [i addLast: e.].

Now i have images names in time order. But still i need to run this code on
every images not listed in evaluated result.

How do you handle this problem?

Best regards
HwaJong Oh
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