[Pharo-project] Issue 2928 in pharo: Trying to change the category of traits method -> DNU

pharo at googlecode.com pharo at googlecode.com
Thu Nov 11 21:30:00 CET 2010

Comment #1 on issue 2928 by luc.fabresse: Trying to change the category of  
traits method -> DNU

I tried to move a method from one protocol to another and it works  
But I tried to add a new protocol on a trait and it produces a DNU.
This bug comes from a UI bug.

TraitBehavior>>allSuperclasses return an empty collection.

and creating a requestFormWindow with empty collections through a DNU  
because it is not checked in  

Try this :

UIManager default chooseOrRequestFrom: #() lines: #() title: 'Test Empty'.

I attached a really silly patch.
I am sure that there is something better to do.

	PopupChoiceDialogWindow.LucFabresse.1.cs  898 bytes

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