[Pharo-project] Pharo and Astronomy?

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A possible source of a Levenberg-Marquardt optimizer:


It's GPL too, so aside from _possibly_ being cleaner than GSL's implementation (there's room for improvement), it's no help.  It appears that they translated the code from Minpack, and perhaps the ultimate answer is to do that "one last time" under MIT.

Another thing I find interesting is their answer to FAQ 32.  Therein find "However, it is possible to obtain a paid license for proprietary commercial use under terms different than those of GPL."  Am I wrong, or can that be translated as "Pay us and you can use the code as you wish."  So much for true freedom.  I'm still suspicious that it is not helpful to someone wanting to release MIT wrappers of GPL code, because they are dual-licensing their code, not a wrapper.

If nothing else, the FAQ looks interesting on topics such as computing and checking the Jacobian.


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I am looking for any experience in using Pharo to develop software for Astronomy. Especially regarding interoperability with Python, using Mathematical libraries (www.nr.com, www.gnu.org/software/gsl, matplotlib.sourceforge.net/gallery.html)

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