[Pharo-project] Issue 3252 in pharo: [Repackage] "Announcements" should be well structured

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Fri Nov 12 15:08:32 CET 2010

Status: Fixed
Owner: Torsten.... at astares.de
CC: stephane.ducasse

New issue 3252 by Torsten.... at astares.de: [Repackage] "Announcements"  
should be well structured

Pharo 1.2a 12235

After an IRC discussion with Alexandre and Stef yesterday we agreed
that it would be good to start working on cleaning up/organizing
the packages and get better structure into the system. According to
Stef we should just start and see how it goes.

We will use the seaside naming convention:   
and I hope we can
  - keep tests separated but close to the code
  - provide a documentation/help package
  - document
  - enhance tests

I will start with the announcememt framework:

Install the two changesets. It documents some classes, recategorizes
the tests, provide additional tests and provide a new help book.

After that you have

  - a changed package "Announcements-Core" since I started to document
  - a changed package "Tests" since tests are now repackaged close to the  
  - a new package "Announcements-Tests-Core" => this has to be SAVED
  - a new package "Announcements-Help" => this has to be SAVED

Open the Monticello browser to see that.

If you open the help browser you will also see a new book about the  

I dont provide a slice since I think it is easier for the integrators
to use the changesets and later create the new mcz's.

	01 Recategorize.cs  796 bytes
	02 Enhance.cs  9.3 KB

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