[Pharo-project] Issue 3254 in pharo: [Repackage] "Regular expressions" should be well structured

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Fri Nov 12 23:36:06 CET 2010

Status: Fixed
Owner: Torsten.... at astares.de
CC: stephane.ducasse
Labels: Milestone-1.2

New issue 3254 by Torsten.... at astares.de: [Repackage] "Regular expressions"  
should be well structured

Pharo 1.2a 12235:

I now reorganized the regular expression package:
  - tests are now in 'Regex-Tests-Core' (closer to the code than in
    the general Test package)
  - categories now start with 'Regex-...' instead of 'VB-Regex-...'
    (so nobody should think its a port from VisualBasic ;)
  - there was an RxParser "Documentation" method category
    => this has been converted to a help book
  - missing class comments were added and the note regarding
    the specific Documentation method category was removed

Install the two changesets.

After that you should have:
  - a new "Regex-Core" package
  - a changed package "Tests" since tests are now repackaged close to the  
  - a new "Regex-Help" package  => this has to be SAVED
  - a "Regex-Tests-Help" package  => this has to be SAVED
  - the package "VB-Regex" is obsolete then

	01 Reorg Regex.1.cs  9.6 KB
	02 Enhance Regex.1.cs  44.1 KB

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