[Pharo-project] Issue 3259 in pharo: Eliot Compiler Fixes Part one

pharo at googlecode.com pharo at googlecode.com
Sat Nov 13 23:25:11 CET 2010

Status: Fixed
Owner: stephane.ducasse
Labels: Milestone-1.2

New issue 3259 by stephane.ducasse: Eliot Compiler Fixes Part one

Ancestors: Compiler-eem.154

Fix comment and computation of error temp push in
BytecodeAgnosticMethodNode>>generate:.  Remove
a couple of unused methods.

=============== Diff against Compiler-eem.154 ===============

Item was changed:
   ----- Method: BytecodeAgnosticMethodNode>>generate: (in category 'code  
generation (new scheme)') -----
   generate: trailer
   	"The receiver is the root of a parse tree. Answer a CompiledMethod.
+ 	 The argument, trailer, is arbitrary but is typically either the  
+ 	 to the source code that is stored with every CompiledMethod, or an
+ 	 encoding of the method's temporary names."
- 	 The argument, trailer, is the reference to the source code that is
- 	 stored with every CompiledMethod."

   	| primErrNode blkSize nLits literals stack method |
   	self generate: trailer ifQuick:
   			[:m |
   			  m	literalAt: 2 put: encoder associationForClass;
   				properties: properties.
   	primErrNode := self primitiveErrorVariableName ifNotNil:
   						[encoder fixTemp: self primitiveErrorVariableName].
   	encoder supportsClosureOpcodes ifTrue:
   		[self ensureClosureAnalysisDone.
   		 encoder rootNode: self. "this is for  
   	blkSize := (block sizeCodeForEvaluatedValue: encoder)
+ 				+ (primErrNode
+ 					ifNil: [0]
+ 					ifNotNil: [primErrNode sizeCodeForStore: encoder "The VM relies on  
storeIntoTemp: (129)"]).
- 				+ (primErrNode ifNil: [0] ifNotNil: [2 "We force store-long (129)"]).
   	method := CompiledMethod
   				newBytes: blkSize
   				trailerBytes: trailer
   				nArgs: arguments size
   				nTemps: (encoder supportsClosureOpcodes
   							ifTrue: [| locals |
   									locals := arguments,
   												ifNil: [#()]
   												ifNotNil: [{primErrNode}]).
   										noteBlockExtent: block blockExtent
   										hasLocals: locals.
   									locals size]
   							ifFalse: [encoder maxTemp])
   				nStack: 0
   				nLits: (nLits := (literals := encoder allLiterals) size)
   				primitive: primitive.
   	nLits > 255 ifTrue:
   		[^self error: 'Too many literals referenced'].
   	1 to: nLits do: [:lit | method literalAt: lit put: (literals at: lit)].
   	encoder streamToMethod: method.
   	stack := ParseStack new init.
   	primErrNode ifNotNil: [primErrNode emitCodeForStore: stack encoder:  
   	stack position: method numTemps.
   	block emitCodeForEvaluatedValue: stack encoder: encoder.
   	stack position ~= (method numTemps + 1) ifTrue:
   		[^self error: 'Compiler stack discrepancy'].
   	encoder methodStreamPosition ~= (method size - trailer size) ifTrue:
   		[^self error: 'Compiler code size discrepancy'].
   	method needsFrameSize: stack size - method numTemps.
   	method properties: properties.

Item was removed:
- ----- Method: TempVariableNode>>cleanUpForRegeneration (in  
category 'debugger access') -----
- cleanUpForRegeneration
- 	remoteNode := nil.
- 	definingScope := writingScopes := readingScopes := nil!

Item was removed:
- ----- Method:  
BytecodeEncoder>>schematicTempNamesOn:blockExtents:fromIndex: (in  
category 'results') -----
- schematicTempNamesOn: aStream blockExtents: blockExtents fromIndex:  
- 	"Print the locals in the blockExtent startIndex, recursing to print any  
locals in nested blockExtents.
- 	 Answer the index of the last blockExtent printed."
- 	| blockExtent subsequentIndex |
- 	blockExtent := blockExtents at: startIndex.
- 	((blockExtentsToLocals at: blockExtent) reject: [:local| local  
isRemote]) do:
- 		[:local|
- 		local isIndirectTempVector
- 			ifTrue: [local remoteTemps do:
- 						[:remoteLocal| aStream nextPut: remoteLocal key]]
- 			ifFalse: [aStream nextPut: local key]].
- 	subsequentIndex := startIndex + 1.
- 	[subsequentIndex <= blockExtents size
- 	 and: [(blockExtents at: subsequentIndex) last < blockExtent last]]  
- 		[aStream nextPut: (Array streamContents:
- 				[:nestedTempStream|
- 				subsequentIndex := self schematicTempNamesOn: nestedTempStream
- 										blockExtents: blockExtents
- 										fromIndex: subsequentIndex])].
- 	^subsequentIndex!

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