[Pharo-project] Not happy with the issues feed from Google

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu Nov 18 18:33:11 CET 2010


Sorry guys this is not optimal but after been against when I see it in squeak, I'm in favor because it
helps understanding what is happening. 

Sorry to be blunt but 
****YOU**** yes you guys do not look at the bug or bug fixes in general.

So often ME myself and I, have to send email about point from the archive to the mailing-list.
Often I do not even see that a bug has been posted and YES I have 5 rss feed and I read them all.

What is the last time you read the bug archives to see what is happening there?
So if you do not read the archive then how can you help? how can we make sure that people are aware?

What is the last time you look at the code of the fixes that got integrated? Because if you do not read
it how can we do quality control? So if I could I would send the diff of all the package in the mailing-lits as this is done in squeak.

Now what we can do to please some of you so far 4, we could create a mailing-list where such mails would be sent.
But let us see so far who is really against.


> Remember that most email client support filters. You can easily create one. 
> Cheers
> Mariano

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