[Pharo-project] Pharo beginner bugs ....

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Thu Nov 18 18:57:04 CET 2010

On Thu, 18 Nov 2010, Guido Stepken wrote:

> Beginners Bugs in Pharo 1.1 on Linux:
> In System Browser i choose Tools-Base->Workspace->initization->initialize
> and see code
> os := (Smalltalk platformName)
> hmmm.
> I open Shout Workspace, type Smalltalk pl ... and i get 'platformFamily' 
> suggested. No 'platformName' offered by Shout completion mode.

By default OCompletion only knows about methods in Kernel* and Collection* 
packages. SmalltalkImage is in System*. You can add extra packages by 
evaluating [OCompletionTable initializeWithPackages]. You could even write 
* as the filter, but it's very slow in Pharo 1.1 and OCompletion will lose 
most entries, because it only caches 40 methods per two letter prefix. I'm 
thinking about increasing that, because it's sometimes really annoying.

> And: I cannot choose from other offers in suggestion list by clicking with 
> mouse. Why?

When you're typing you rarely use the mouse. The arrows are more 
conventional. If you need that feature, then open an issue on the Pharo 

> Linux Problem?
> Next example: In Shout Workspace i enter: TTSampleFontMorph new openInWorld. 
> <ALT-P>
> I get an error and a ghostframe, that i cannot delete. And: Completion mode

You could use the halos to delete it, but they are disabled in Pharo by 

> when i enter TTSample ... does not work. Fuck!

TTSamlpe* is in Morphic* (see above why that matters).

> What are you guys thinking of your work on Pharo, e.g. quality testing?
> Did you never notice, that even the basics of completion mode in Shout 
> Browser are buggy?

Shout doesn't do code completion. If you're talking about the Alt-Q 
(Cmd-Q) completion, then it's really bugged in Pharo.
If you think that you've found a bug in OCompletion, then open an issue in 
the Pharo issue tracker.

> Then i open in World Menu: Tools->Filebrowser i get Error:Invalid utf8 input 
> detected
> We need a perfectly running Pharo on Linux/Wine (Ubuntu 9.10). And no, no MAC 
> here anywhere in schools in germany.
> Can you imagine, that a teacher and his pupils drive mad on such simple bugs?
> So i have to teach with SCRATCH or BYOB in class. No serious bugs, no 
> problems.

Are those bad?


> regards, Guido Stepken

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