[Pharo-project] Not happy with the issues feed from Google

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu Nov 18 22:40:37 CET 2010

> I fully agree that bugs are our concern, and that it is important to make
> activity visible. I also understand and share your frustration that bug 
> reports are badly read and written. I just think that this works contra-productive. 
> - the subject of a feed message is bad: it is just the issue number
> and the issue title, instead of adding what happened with the issue. 

I guess that you do not really measure the amount of work it can represent. 
The only way to be able to do that is to force people to write better bug tracker description and guess
not a lot of people open a bug entry so a core of people is again doing that. 

> - the content of a feed message is bad: the context is missing.
>> - It reduces the searchability/usability of the mailing list archives;
>>> Why?
>>> I want to look for bug discussions there too and not using a bad google search engine.
> I think the problem most potential contributors have is one of too much information,
> not too little. Giving them more, in a badly prepared format, is unlikely to help.

We will see but what if it helps the contributors and make them more productive?

So may be the solution is to add another mailing-list. what is clear for me is that 
I would love to get the changes like in squeak in the mailing-list in addition to all the bugtracker


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