[Pharo-project] Issue 3266 in pharo: Clean TextEditor

Fernando Olivero fernando.olivero at usi.ch
Fri Nov 19 08:21:00 CET 2010

Hi Alain, i took a better look at the changes and have to say...once

I think the next step is to improve the keybindings hardcoding in
       self initializeCmdKeyShortcuts.
	self initializeShiftCmdKeyShortcuts.

I have a keybindings/command model in Gaucho, for applying a
keybinding to any morph.
I will work on decoupling it from GauchoMorph into Morph.
And later rewrite the Morphs for textediting to use this.

So for example, if you want to delete any GauchoMorph from the system
by pressing cmd-w, you have to:

binding := GMKeyBinding
		actingOn: $w asciiValue
		modifiedBy: #(#command)
		satisfying: ( GMCondition compositeWith: #(
#understandsKeyBindingCommandCondition #uneditedCondition ) )
		applying: #close.
m := NewTextMorph new.
m addKeyBinding: binding .

If people agree, i will create an issue and start working on it.


On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 9:23 AM, Alain Plantec <alain.plantec at free.fr> wrote:
> Due to a change in PragmaMenuBuilder, the world menu is not well updated
> anymore.
> Simply evaluating
> World resetWorldMenu
> fixes that.
> So it should be done before the next release is published.
> Cheers
> Alain

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