[Pharo-project] Ideas for CompiledMethod proxies?

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Fri Nov 19 21:47:02 CET 2010

Hi. I am developing kind of proxies for unused compiled methods. I want to
detect them, put a proxy instead of them, and swap them to disk. Then, in
case they are used, I put back the original ones. With this, I want to
realease memory. This is why I need the proxy objects to be as small as

Right now, I do something like this:

aProxy := CompiledMethodProxyReferenceStreamWithFileName installOn:
ClassWith1Var selector: #foo.

this will instantiate the proxy, do the ClassWith1Var methodAt: #foo put:
proxy, write the original compiledMethod that was in #foo into a file,

and then if I do "ClassWith1Var new foo", then using the #run:with:in  I
load the file from disk and I put back the original method. To know WHICH
file I have to load, I have to store the fileName in the proxy object.

In addition, if I DON'T execute the compiled method, but instead I send a
message, for example:

(ClassWith1Var >> #foo) literals

this has to do the same: load and put back the original compiled method. To
do this, I use the doesNotUnderstand:.

This is easy to do if I store the fileName in the proxy instance. Right now,
I am using as fileName this:  CLASS >> SELECTOR. For example, in this case,
the file would be named "ClassWith1Var >> #foo"

Now.....with this solution, I need create an proxy instance for each
compiled method, and these instances have also another instance for the
filename. If I could use the same proxy instance for everybody, the amount
of memory released would be muuuuch more. So I thought that maybe from the
context I can "guess" the filename if I use conventions.

For example, if you do "ClassWith1Var new foo" then in the #run:with:in I
receive all the information to KNOW that the fileName should be
"ClassWith1Var >> #foo". So, no problem here.

But for the second case, suppose "(ClassWith1Var >> #foo) literals", I don't
see a way to know this.  In this case, #literals is intercepted by the
doesNotUnderstand: of my proxy, and here I should load back the original
compiled method from disk. The problem is that I cannot know in which CLASS
and SELECTOR this proxy was put. The only way I know to do this, is to store
the class + selector in the proxy instance....but it is the same...I will
need an instance per compiled method. In such case is even easier to
directly store the fileName.

Anyway, if someone has a solution or advice on this, I would be appreciated
that. I tried with thisContext, but it didn't help me.


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