[Pharo-project] FileDirectory default is wrong in MacOS

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Mon Nov 22 12:58:08 CET 2010

> > H Bill. The file system (as much as I can notice) seems to be Mac OS Extended (Journaled). I am a completly mac newbie...so...
> >
> > Eliot: WOW! I didn't know that you can choose....I am googling now how to change to case sensitive (I hope I don't need to reformat).
> you have but don't do that you may get a lot of trouble.
> Imagine you send me two files which are case sensitive and my system may blow up or I lose something and I send it back to you
> fucked up.
> So if you are ready to not interact with other people change else keep it the way it is.
> I got problem because damien in the past changed it and interacted with me.
> Ok, thanks for the advice. But still, the problem with Pharo is present. 
> My OS is case insensitive, but FileDirectory default is working like case sensittive.....

This means that the VM should give a way to know if the filesystem is key sensitive
without that we can only guess or we could have a test saving a file and checking.

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