[Pharo-project] Issue 3280 in pharo: Focus indicator for pluggable text morphs not correctly drawn

pharo at googlecode.com pharo at googlecode.com
Mon Nov 22 16:03:08 CET 2010

Status: New
Owner: gazzaguru2
CC: marcus.denker

New issue 3280 by gazzaguru2: Focus indicator for pluggable text morphs not  
correctly drawn

Fix below...


keyboardFocusChange: aBoolean
  	"rr 3/21/2004 22:55 : removed the #ifFalse: branch,
  	which was responsible of the deselection of text when the
  	paragraph lost focus. This way selection works in a more standard
  	way, and this permits the menu keyboard control to be really effective.
  	Changed to update focus indication."
		ifNotNil: [paragraph focused: aBoolean].
  		ifTrue: ["A hand is wanting to send us characters..."
  			self hasFocus
				ifFalse: [self editor "Forces editor install"].
			self editor focused: true.
			self useFindReplaceSelection
				ifTrue: [self selectionChanged].
  			Editor blinkingCursor
				ifTrue: [self startBlinking]]
		ifFalse:[editor ifNotNil: [editor focused: false].
			self stopBlinking].				
  	self editView
		ifNil: [self focusChanged]
		ifNotNil: [self editView focusChanged]

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