[Pharo-project] Renaming a Monticello package

Max Leske maxleske at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 23:20:34 CET 2010

I asked a similar question just recently:


This is probably known but I figured I'd report it. Just in case.

First of all, I couldn't figure out how to actually remove a package from Monticello. Unloading it simply emptied it but it would still show up in the list. Would be nice to have that.
Now to the actual problem: suppose I have a package named 'FooBar'. Now I want to rename that package to 'Foobar'. I encountered the following things while trying to do this:
creating a new package 'Foobar' does nothing. The old package stays in the list but I get no notification about what went wrong.
trying to load the old package with the new name from Sqeuaksource through Gofer fails: Gofer new squeaksource: 'TheFoo'; package: 'Foobar'. I think this is the correct behaviour.
creating a new package named 'Foobar' in a fresh image (so that the old package is not loaded in Monticello) and trying to save it to Squeaksource results in a notification telling me that the package I want to create already exists (it's messing it up with the old package).



On 22.11.2010, at 21:45, laurent laffont wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to rename ProfStefBrowser package to ProfStef-Browser. Is it possible to do so and keep the package history ? I cannot find how.
> Cheers,
> Laurent Laffont
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