[Pharo-project] Issue 3285 in pharo: Obsolete ConfigurationOfRFB

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Tue Nov 23 22:32:39 CET 2010

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New issue 3285 by gaston.dalloglio: Obsolete ConfigurationOfRFB

Pharo image: Pharo-core
Pharo core version: Pharo1.2a

I have installed RFBServer following this guide

But when I connect an external VNC client I get a DNU:  
SmallInteger(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #'@-'

I've fixed this by simply changing the code "-1 at -1" to "-1 @ -1" in the  
method RFBSesion>>initServer:socket:reverse:, and then the server run fine.

But when I look at ConfigurationOfRFB I see this definition is obsolete,  
this load RFB-lr.31, and the last is RFB-lr.33. In this other book   
http://book.seaside.st/book/advanced/deployment/maintaining/vnc say that  
this package is not more soported in Pharo. Its true?

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