[Pharo-project] [ANN] Exif

Alexander Lazarević laza at blobworks.com
Thu Nov 25 12:47:48 CET 2010


I just uploaded a first hack of an Exif package to squeaksource.


MIT License. Any contributions are welcome (see current limitations).
Haven't tested it on Pharo yet. But there shouldn't be anything special
about it.

Have fun,

>From the project description:

This provides code to extract/modify the Exif (Exchangeable image file
format) information from/inside media files.

   - Current limitations:
   - Works only for TIFF-, JPEG-files
      - Can't write Exif information
      - Can't read/write GPS information
      - Can't read/write Interoperability information
      - Can't read/write any vendor specific MakerNote
      - Can't read/write UserComments
      - Most methods for cooked information (like dateTime) are missing

   - Examples:
   "Dump all Exif information from a JPEG-file to the Transcript"
   Transcript show: (Exif readFromJPEGNamed: 'p2.jpg') printAll; cr.

   "Get *raw* Exif content for DateTime (a String)"
   (Exif readFromJPEGNamed: 'p2.jpg') atTagName: #DateTime. "#('2010:11:10

   "Get *cooked* Exif content for DateTime (a DateAndTime object)"
   (Exif readFromJPEGNamed: 'p2.jpg') dateTime. "2010-11-10T16:56:33+01:00"

   - Specs:
   Exif and TIFF <http://www.exif.org/specifications.html>

   - Disclaimer:
    This software is provided as is. It is in a very early stage and there
   are no guaranties that the software will work as expected or advertised.
   Be sure to use only image files with this software that you have backed
   up before. I refuse any responsibility for any data lost while using this
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