[Pharo-project] Block semantics ....

James Ladd james_ladd at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 29 21:43:02 CET 2010

Hi Eliot,

I was suspecting you might respond, you really know your stuff.

I think I'm more confused now that before but in a good way. 
I have more information thank to you.

My need to fully understand blocks is to implement them in Redline.

Maybe it will be sufficient to 'limit' the use of a block with a 
return to the method in which is was defined?
ie: Method A can define the block and send it as an argument, but once
method A has been exited, the block is no longer valid, at least not
the return part. 

Does this appear most 'like' how blocks are handled in Pharo?

Rgs, James.

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