[Pharo-project] Issue 3172 in pharo: NewInspector really really slow while parsing XMLNode

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Tue Nov 30 08:15:56 CET 2010

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Comment #2 on issue 3172 by laurent.laffont: NewInspector really really  
slow while parsing XMLNode

 From jaayer:

Hi Laurent.

First, thank you for your screencasts.

I am writing to you concerning this issue:

I only discovered the above last night, as I am not a Pharo core developer  
and only check the issue tracker occasionally. I am a maintainer of  
XML-Support, however, so feel free to mail me directly with any issues you  
have in the future, or at the very least, please post them to the  
Pharo-Project, Squeak-dev or Moose-dev lists.

Now, in your video, which was made back in August, you used version .74 of  
XML-Parser. If you look at the changelogs of XML-Parser, it is clear that  
much has changed since that time. It would not be unreasonable to assume  
that one or more of those changes is responsible for the difficulties you  
experienced inspecting that XML document. However, if you load version .74,  
the same version used in your screencast, into a Pharo 1.1 image, the  
problem is still there (and is in fact much worse), meaning that whatever  
has changed since August to bring this about, I can say with some  
confidence that it is not in XML-Parser.

Using the latest version of XML-Parser and ignoring the question of  
causality for a moment, the bottleneck we're observing is in  
XMLNode>>printOn:. The proof is that disabling XMLNode>>printOn: makes our  
problem go away. Why then is XML generation suddenly such a bottleneck? The  
main reason appears to be that the document being inspected is, when  
printed, roughly 40K in size, and by inspecting it you are causing it to be  
printed over and over again. I tracked sends of #printOn: and found that  
inspecting the document and navigating to the "title" element results in   
#printOn: being sent 300-400 times. The recipients were the document object  
and the root "feed" element ~350 times. By the time you've navigated to  
the "feed" element and clicked the "Elements" entry to display its  
children, #printOn: has already been sent ~150 times. That means the  
remaining 150-250 sends come when you click on the "title" element or some  
other child element of the root, and that single additional click results  
in the generation of roughly 6-10 MBs of XML (150 * 40K to 250 * 40K).  
*That* is why it's so slow.

Now, why does NewInspector cause #printOn: to be sent so much? I honestly  
don't know. I will forward this to the maintainers of NewInspector to get  
their input. Maybe NewInspector can be changed to not print inspected  
objects so often, or to provide them with some way to suppress its printing  

It must be pointed out that Pharo also comes with an object explorer that  
is designed specifically for this usecase of browsing deep object  
hierarchies. I tried exploring the document with cmd-I (capital i) and  
encountered no trouble.

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